Barking Up the Right Tree

From the love of their Rottweilers and passion for great wine, Keith and Patty formed Rott n’​ Grapes. With the open-window bar & dog-friendly patio, coupled with an open-air lounge across a breezeway, this Uptown Phoenix location is the perfect balance of big city ambience and locals’​ bar atmosphere.

“Rott n’ Grapes is your local neighborhood bistro and we want everyone to feel welcome.” – Keith

To make sure that your stomach never starts grumbling, the beer and wine selection is complemented by a menu offering freshly made pizzas, paninis, bruschettas, a big hearty salad and charcuterie board to name a few.

“Even if you’re new to wine and/or craft beers, we promise we won’t judge. Everyone started somewhere! We hope to cultivate an appreciation, have grape-forward conversations and discover new things with you! Let’s pop open something yummy and chat.” – Patty

Check out this article in February 2018’s UPTOWN Magazine!