inside view of Rott n' Grapes

Bartender/Bar Manager

Rott n’ Grapes Uptown

4750 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ

Job typePart-time

Job Description

Who you are….

As a team member, you have a passion for providing exceptional customer service to patrons with varying personalities and moods. Acting as the first line of response to guest engagement, you have the ability to provide meaningful recommendations to address the guest’s interest. You are genuinely nice and have a team inspired glowing personality. You can instantly build rapport and make a difference in someone’s life in just one interaction. You build authentic connections with every guest, either for one day or sometimes for a lifetime. You are responsible to a fault and fun to be around. As you can tell, we are looking for qualities and not just experience.

Growth Opportunity…. We are not just looking for an outstanding serving staff

  • Learn the power of presence
  • Increase you effective listening skills
  • Multi-task and manage numerous relationships
  • Develop the initial skills for leadership; providing feedback, giving recognition and asking thoughtful questions
  • Learn how to manage your manager, and not have them manage you
  • Learn how to maintain work/life balance


  • Ample knowledge and aptitude in learning and understanding the intricacies of quality wine and craft beer
  • Ability to lift/shift ~ 60 lbs (cases of wine, beer and 1/6 barrel kegs)
  • Endurance to be vigilant and on your toes for 8 – 10 hours at a time
  • Passion about the world of fine wine & craft beer AND can discuss & SELL it
  • High aspirations to grow and expand with the #1 wine bar in Phoenix
  • Performing duties which require bending & reaching
  • Maintaining a well-groomed appearance (“having a plan”)
  • Following all uniform guidelines
  • Remaining calm in a hectic, fast-paced atmosphere
  • Problem solver and mission focused
  • Demonstrating a high level of organization, attention-to-detail and a sense-of-urgency
  • Practicing all general safety standards
  • Must have food handler’s card and alcohol awareness training certification where required by state and local laws
  • Shift Flexibility: Must be able to work different shifts, including holidays, nights and weekends. Must be able to work overtime as required

These attributes are a PLUS :

  • Having beyond basic knowledge of wine coming from grapes and beer being bubbly and yellow.
  • Occupying social media presence and engagement – so we know you have friends and are not a pariah.
  • Possessing average technical saviness: negative points for AOL email account or use of floppy disks; bonus points for owning a smartphone and ability to use its calendar.
  • Owning a smartphone that is not smashed, charges efficiently and allows consistent communication.
  • Dog-friendly!
  • Open to direction, constructive guidance and occasional ribbing from ownership.
  • Finally, sharing the view of promoting the success of small business.


  • Having fun and someone who is fun to be around
  • Greeting and taking guests’ orders
  • Handling cash & other forms of payment
  • Making proficient sales transactions – using a point-of-sale system
  • Properly checks I.D.s
  • Demonstrating responsible alcohol service
  • Demonstrating impeccable product knowledge
  • Suggestive selling – using proven techniques
  • Answering questions – accurately and politely
  • Satisfying any/all needs of the guests – regularly double checking back with guests throughout their experience
  • Maintaining a clean & organized bistro
  • Performing opening, closing & side duties – no job is too small in this bistro. Required to mop, clean bathrooms, wash dishes, prep/make/serve food, general cleaning…. A jack of all trades in the industry
  • Creating memorable experiences and entertain guests

We promote a professional and positive work environment, so keep the drama for your mama.

Bartender wages can average $150 – $300 per shifts; higher if you win-over the affections of the patrons. Part-time position requires some weekday and weekend availability so the owners can promote the business and perhaps have a life … eventually.

Salary: $7.50 to $45.00 /hour