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Undetained & Un-Contained

Monday, 1/24 or Tuesday, 1/25

6:00PM or 7:45PM

I think we all have learned to appreciate what we have even more these past couple of years. And we can drink to that – with fabulous imported wines in full supply…

… until we drink it all. 😳

Be sure to jump on these inflation busters before they’re gone for a while or stuck on a shipping container for God knows how long.

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🍷The Wines🍷

  1. Prince De Lise ‘Brut’ Blanc de Blanc; France NV
  2. Lamblin et Fils Bourgogne Blanc; Burgundy, France 2020
  3. Poggio Landi Rosso di Montalcino; Tuscany, Italy 2019
  4. Cune Crianza; Rioja, Spain 2017
  5. Brotte Esprit Barville Rouge; Rhone, France 2019
  6. Abras Malbec; Cafayate, Argentina 2017

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