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September 1 @ 7PM

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For our September tasting, the Big Brew Dog and his Brew Crew Pound have selected 6 unique craft beers from 5 different breweries that bring different characteristics and also pair nicely with food.

Though heavy California, we will also be bringing in flavors from IL and MA as well! The featured breweries are:

  • Two Pitchers Brewing, Oakland CA
  • Almanac Brewing, Alameda CA
  • Black Plague Brewing, Oceanside CA
  • Half Acre Beer Co, Chicago IL
  • Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers, Framingham MA

$5 at the door

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Bring on the Brew!

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We meet in the Rott n’ Grapes Lounge at 7:00PM and sample all kinds of cool craft brews.

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