This is NOT Goodbye

Come see us at Rott n’ Grapes Uptown!

Rott n’ Grapes has proudly served the Downtown Phoenix community providing a quality product as well as a fun and happy place to gather with friends and support local artists. However, the business decision has been made to reallocate all of our time, energy and resources to support our Rott n’ Grapes Uptown location effective 11/12/2019.

Rott n' Grapes patio bar view

Rott n’ Grapes Uptown, 4750 N Central Ave Ste 140, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Friends like you made it rewarding to be in the Downtown Phoenix area, and we will greatly miss being a part the Roosevelt Row community. We truly value and appreciate our loyal patrons and the wonderful relationships that we’ve developed during the last three years and we look forward to still providing that same quality level of product and service at Uptown. Nothing would make us happier and more gratified than to see you visit us at our Uptown Phoenix location at 4750 N Central Ave Ste 140, Phoenix, AZ 85012. It will always be our passion to serve up great food and wine, engage in fun laughter and friendships while supporting the local Phoenix community. 

We realize this might be a little farther for some of our friends, but it is easy to hop on the light rail or take a 5 minute ride-share to come see us. Thank you for being a part of the Rott n’ Grapes’ family. Please follow our social media, website or just come on in and chat us up about what’s going on at Rott n’ Grapes.  

As always, to our health & well-being – Cheers! 🍷🍷