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New Wines with Convenience and Beers to Tantalize

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Sometimes wineries and brewers change it up, so contact us with your selections to see what’s available.

$5 to $10 Off on ToGo bottles

Varietal Wine BTL BTL TG
Cab Franc Mi Terruño Expresión 35 25
Cab Franc 2018 Marquis de Goulaine Chinon 45 35
Cabernet Sauvignon House – Pairs Well With Bad Decisions 30 20
Cabernet Sauvignon Bonanza (by Chuck Wagner) 35 25
Cabernet Sauvignon The Fableist 373 45 35
Cabernet Sauvignon Austin Paso Robles 50 40
Cabernet Sauvignon Austin Hope* 60 50
Garnacha Don Ramon 30 20
Garnacha 2016 Coto De Hayas “Centenaria” 40 30
GSM Clos de Lumieres Côtes du Rhône ’17 35 25
Lambrusco Cavicchioli 1928 30 20
Malbec Loscano Winemaker 30 20
Petite Sirah Peirano Estates – Throat Punch 30 20
Pinot Noir Sea Sun by Charlie Wagner 35 25
Red Blend SPÑ – Put This in Your Mouth 25 20
Red Blend The Dirty Pure Project F Bomb 30 20
Red Blend Landskroon Bush Camp, So Africa 35 25
Red Blend Pepper Pot, So Africa 35 25
Red Blend Piattelli Malbec/Tannat Reserve 91pts 35 25
Red Blend 2018 Chateau De Sablet Bordeaux 35 25
Red Blend Airfield Estates 40 30
Red Blend Smith Devereux No. 3 45 35
Tempranillo Viña Temprana Old Vines 30 20
Port Presidential 10-Yr Tawny BTG
Zinfandel Peirano Estates Old Vine – Jesus Juice 30 20


updated 05/19/2021

BTG: By The Glass

BTL: Bottle only
TG: To Go

$5 to $10 Off on ToGo bottles

Varietal White Wine BTL BTL TG
Chardonnay House “Tired of Grown Up Sh!t” 25 20
Chardonnay Peirano Estates Buttery 30 20
Moscato Ruby Donna 25 20
Riesling Urban Mosel 90pt 35 20
Sauv Blanc DAOU 2019 Sauvignon Blanc 35 25
Sauv Blanc Fernlands 30 20
Sauv Blanc Emmolo 40 30
Torrontes Piattelli 35 25
Viognier McManis River Junction 30 20
White Blend Monte Volpe Primo Bianco “Bitch Peas” 30 20
White Blend La Fleur Renaissance Sauternes 375ML 30 25
White Blend Pillsbury “WildChild” White 45 35
White Blend 2017 ZINKE Besos White blend 40 30

Rosé Wine Bottle TG
Drink Up Bitches 25 20
Smith Devereux 2018 Vacationer 30 20
ZINKE 2020 40 30
Lab Vinho 25 20
Clos des Lumieres L’Clat 35 25
DAOU 2020 Discovery 45 35

updated 05/23/2020

$5 to $10 Off on most* ToGo bottles

Sparkling Charles Roux Brut 7 9 25 20
Sparkling Charles Roux Brut Rosé 7 9 25 20
Cava Poema Rose 7 9 25  
Sparkling House Sunday Funday 4 6 18 13
Champagne Beau Joie, Brut, Champagne, France     90 80

Updated 05/23/2021

*House Bubbly: $12 bottle; $3 glass


4-packs ToGo starting at $10.99 | $13.99 (16oz)

Belgian Rochefort 10 Trappist
Belgian Westmalle Tripel Trappist
Blonde Ale Firestone 805
Blonde Ale Belching Beaver Me So Honey
Cider POG
Cider Sangin Sangria
Cider Cranberry Camuleflage
Cider Crush Craft Blueberry Lemongrass
Cider Crush Craft Lavender
Cider Newtopia Cyder Chai Me A River
Cider Newtopia Wyld Cider
Cream Ale Mother Earth Cali Creamin
Farmhouse Great Divide Colette
Imp. Stout Black Plague Medusa
Gose Cigar City Margarita Gose
Gose Destihl Pina Colada Gose
HIPA Topa Topa Spectro
HIPA Modern Times Caliban
IPA Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA
IPA Elysian Space Dust
IPA Belching Beaver Phantom Bride (16oz)
IPA Toppling Gollath Pompeii
IPA Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin
IPA Lagunitas IPA
IPA Modern Times Dungeon Map
IPA Modern Times Star Cloud
IPA Mother Road Tower Station (16oz)
IPA Belching Beaver Hazers Gonna Haze
IPA Black Plague Tony Hawps IPA
IPA Clown Shoes Bubble Farm
Kolsch High Water Cucumber Kolsch
Kombucha Booch Craft Orange Pom
Lager Huss Arizona Light Lager
Lager Lone Star
Lager South Norte Agavemente
Lager Montucky Cold Snacks
Lambic Lambic Framboise
NA Golden Athletic Brewing Co. NA
Pale Ale Rogue Hazy Pale Ale
Porter Historic Piehole Porter
Porter Maui Coconut Porter
Radler Two Pitchers Water Boy
Seltzer Fountain Hard Seltzer Original
Seltzer White Claw
Sour Great Divide Strawberry Rubarb Sour
Sour New Belgium Dominga Mimosa
Sour The Bruery Gose are Red Sour
Sour 10 Barrel Cucumber Crush
Sour Ale Prairie Sour Mix
Stout Black Plauge Medusa
Stout Left Hand Rasp. Milk stout
Stout Abnormal Mocha Stout
Stout Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Stout
Stout Prairie BOMB! Stout
Wheat Grand Canyon Prickly Pear
Wheat Papago Orange Blossom
Wheat Avery White Rascal


Updated 5/23/2021